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MS in HCI skilled in usability research, interaction design, and prototyping. Seeking a UX gig in Atlanta, GA. Get in touch or learn more.

Yard Genius — HCI Capstone Project

Capstone title slide

Yard Genius is an application to help new homeowners understand how to take care of their yards.

I completed work on this application for the capstone course for the HCI program. This was a semester-long project that involved developing an application from an initial project idea, through user research, design, prototyping, and usability testing.

My capstone website goes into great detail on the design process.

HCI Capstone Website

HCI Capstone Defense Presentation

Roles user research, literature review, sketching, prototyping, usability testing

Tools Omnigraffle, HTML/CSS/jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap


Markup Sample

As part of a user-centered design class, I redesigned the Markup portion of the ThinkSpace application. Markup allows users to store and reuse comments for grading or collaboratively working on documents. While it is a powerful tool, Markup had a number of usability issues that were hindering its wider adoption.

As part of a two-person team, I participated in stakeholder interviews, created personas and scenarios, developed and conducted usability tests, and created interactive prototypes based on our design research.

Design Rationale


Roles stakeholder interviews, persona development, usability testing, wireframing, interactive prototyping

Tools JustinMind Prototyper, UserZoom

RFP Responder

RFP Responder image

Major project for web UI development class. I was responsible for designing, developing, and user testing the application. The result was a web application allowing user's to create proposals by organizing chunks of boilerplate text. The application relied heavily on jQuery and AJAX to provide an enjoyable user experience.

Feel free to create an account and poke around or contact me (shaunkelly at gmail) for a login with test data.

RFP Responder Application

Demo Video

Process Flows and Wireframes

Usability Test - First Round

Usability Test - Second Round

Roles wireframing, usability testing, UI programming, backend programming

Tools OmniGraffle, HTML/CSS/jQuery, PHP/MySQL

Parking Meter

Parking meter prototype

Group project for Human Factors class. After observing that the electronic parking meters in Atlanta are incredibly confusing for users, we propose a redesign. This project consisted of a literature review of research on kiosk-type interactions (such as ATMs) to derive design guidelines and a review of parking meter designs across the world. Based on this research, we designed a new interface for the parking meters and proposed a usability study of our design.

My roles included the initial contextual observations, performing a heuristic review of the existing design, participating in the literature review, initial sketches, and creating the prototype design based on the design decisions we made as a group.

Design Presentation

Initial Sketches


Roles heuristic review, literature review, sketching, prototyping

Tools JustinMind Prototyper

NYC eTaxi Project

eTaxi cover

My company was selected by the world's largest manufacturer of point-of-sale devices to develop the specifications for the payment and driver communication applications for the one of the finalists for the NYC eTaxi program.

I worked in conjunction with the key business stakeholders to develop the requirements and design the screens and flows for the applications while meeting the strict requirements of the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission for the project.

Specification Samples

Roles requirements analysis, application flows, screen mockups/wireframes

Tools Visio, Illustrator, Word

Loquacious — An Android Twitter Client

Loquacious screenshots

Loquacious was one of the first Twitter clients available in the Android Market. Loquacious included some innovations that have become standard, including:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Filter stream by application (to remove all those annoying auto-generated tweets)
  • Filter stream by user
  • Conversation view
  • Gesture shortcuts to refresh, tweeet, etc.
  • Action bar pattern

I stopped development of Loquacious when Twitter began to corner the market on native client applications.

My roles included all visual and interaction design and development of the application.

Loquacious Screenshots

Roles design, development

Tools InkScape, Java

About Shaun

Hi! I'm Shaun. I'm looking for a UX design or user research position. I completed my M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University in May 2013. I have a B.A. in Psychology and English from Kenyon College (2002). I have experience in interaction design and user testing. I am also strong on the technical side, with experience in HTML/CSS/jQuery. Currently, I work as a technical writer and project manager for a documentation consulting firm. With a decade of experience in technical communications, I also have strong written communication skills, experience in requirements gathering, and identifying usability issues.

You can also find me on the Twitters or LinkedIn.